civilized ku # 5229-32 ~ a guilty pleasure

color ~ San Diego, California (embiggenable)• iPhone

color ~ Albany, NY (embiggenable)• iPhone

color ~ Albany, NY • (embiggenable)iPhone

color ~ Albany, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

While in California, I made 50 pictures. I carried at least 1 "real" camera with me everywhere I went but all but 5 were made with the iPhone camera module.

It has been made clear to me-as clear as water in an acid rain contaminated Adirondack lake-that I have a deepening iPhone picture making addiction(?) / obession(?). Whatever that afflication / condition might be, it has left me feeling a little guilty inasmuch as making pictures has become too easy and, consequently, too much fun.

While the guilty thing is disconcerting, I have chosen to embrace the adage, don't worry, be happy.