still life # 3 (made) / civilized ku # 4053 / ku # 1391 - f8 and be there

self portrait (click to embiggen)

soft Autumn light ~ Au Sable Forks, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (click to embiggen)

Whiteface / early snow ~ Wilmington, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (click to embiggen)

f8 and be there is a well known and time honored picture making adage and this entry's pictures are fine examples of that adage. Both pictures - excluding the self portrait - were the result of being there happenstance.

The soft Autumn light picture was made immediately - I knew the light would be fading quickly - after seeing the scene from my kitchen window as I was rinsing my lunch bowl. The Whiteface / early snow scene was encountered on a drive to pick up Hugo to transport him to hockey practice.

A person would have to be blind and/or without a camera to miss seeing and making a picture of the Whiteface / early snow dramatic scene. Recognizing the soft Autumn light scene as picture making opportunity requires that a picture maker be aware of / seeing the picturing potential to be found in the quotidian (non-dramatic) scenes that are encountered every day.

Here in the US of A (maybe in Canada as well) the original most interesting man in the world - his personality is so magnetic he can't carry credit cards - advising us to, "Stay thirsty, my friends", so we will drink Dos Equis beer. While I may not be the most interesting picture maker in the world, I would nevertheless advise you to, "Keep yours eyes open, my friends", so you are able to make good pictures.