civilized ku # 3585-88 ~ wall-worthy?

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When making pictures on vacation / a trip, it's easy to make a lot of pictures of the I-was-here variety. It's also possible that some of those pictures will look and feel like "serious" pictures. That is, pictures which are wall-worthy, independent of their on-vacation origins.

As I work through the editing of my recent train trip pictures, I am consciously looking for wall-worthy pictures which are "serious" in look and feel. Which is not to write that some of the I-was-here pictures won't end up on the wall. Some will. And, in all probablity, those pictures will be more "liked"-not a criticism, just an observation-than the "serious" pictures from the trip.

Without a doubt both types of pictures will incite a question or two. For the I-was-here pictures, the question will be, "Where was this picture taken?" For the "serious" pictures, the question will almost most always be, "Why did you take that picture?"

Both are good questions. One is much easier to answer than the other.

FYI, the egg shells and grizzle picture was a made arrangement. The woman will umbrella picture was made in New Orleans while the wife and I were sheltering from a downpour. The passersby picture was made while sitting in a bookstore window killing time before our classic Chicago steakhouse dinner. I made over 20 such pictures. The wife in a doorway picture was made in the Art Institute of Chicago. It just might be the best portrait I have made of her. I also feel that the picture transcends the typical portrait picture.