civilized ku # 3690 ~ Stupid photography statement of the day

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Photos are no longer printed and viewed hanging in a gallery or pasted into a book but rather are virtually disseminated, shared, moved, and manipulated.

Why do people make such stupid broad statements? I mean, seriously, I print a lot of my pictures and hang them on the walls of my home. On occasion some end up in exhibitions on gallery walls such as my recent solo exhibition, The Adirondack Snapshot Project, at the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

In addition, while I don't "paste" pictures in a book, I make a lot of POD books - up to 10 a year. In my recent solo exhibition, I displayed a 5 volume set of 8x8 soft cover POD photo books-36 pages, 1 picture per page-which sold quite well.

That written, I am not the exception to the rule. FYI, in my neck of the woods there are at least 7 art center organizations + more galleries than I can count which all have regular photo exhibitions. Additionally, all of the bookstores in the region, that I am aware of, have many Adirondack photo books on display.

And, you can take it to the bank that every photo gallery on the planet is inudated with submissions from pictures makers hoping for a chance to display their prints on the walls of a's what "serious" picture makers do and, iMo, will continue to do untill the end of time.