civilized ku # 5138 / the new snapshot # 191-92 ~ miscellania

bike at night (multiple differing color balance light sources) ~ Saranac Lake, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • µ4/3

fuselage art ~ Canadian War Museum / Ottawa, ON (embiggenable) • iPhone

snapshots ~ National Gallery of Canada / Ottawa, ON (embiggenable) • iPhone

In one of the current exhibitions, Canadian Biennial, in the National Gallery of Canada is 3-panel (1 1/2 panels shown in above picture) piece of art, Sleep II, comprised of found snapshots of people sleeping. As long as you have a wall in your home that can accomodate a 9'5" x 22'9" piece of art, you can buy it through the sleep II link.

Hugo was rather perplexed about why this was art and slightly disturbed by the works "creepy-ness". Nevertheless, he spent a fair amount of time viewing the work. On the other hand, Hugo was immediately impressed with the 2 for Hooking fuselage art work in the Canadian War Museum. A work that instigateed not a bit of "creepy-ness" - eye of the beholder and all that stuff.