civilized ku # 5064 ~ unbridled excitement

reflected light ~ Ottawa, ONT. CA. (embiggenable)

While in Ottawa last Friday/Saturday, the wife, during an early morning walk about, discovered signage promoting a photo exhibition, Photography in Canada 1960-2000, on view at the National Gallery of Canada (in Ottawa). Prior to our visit to Ottawa, I had declared my desire to visit the National Gallery of Canada based on general like-to-visit-museums-of-art principles. I had no prior knowledge of the aforementioned exhibition.

Upon being informed of the exhibition, my ardor for visiting the NGoC escalated beyond imagining, only to be deflated by the wife's insistence that, on her birthday, she had other ideas of how to spend the day in mind. In the face of obvious overwhelming odds, I decided not to press my point. Her birthday. Her decision. My happy (non-reluctant) acquiescence and we set off for a very enjoyable day.

Of course, I was comforted by the fact that we would be returning to the Ottawa region - about 50k from the city - the very next weekend for a 4 day mini-vacation. A day-trip to Ottawa was planned as part of that getaway so I will be able satisfy my desire to visit the NGoC. I am excited by the fact that the exhibition features work by, amongst 67 others, Jeff Wall, Edward Burtynsky, Lynne Cohen and Jim-me Yoon - if you are not familiar with their work, use your google machine to look them up.