single women # 35 / picture windows # 71 / art reflects # 32 ~ 6 days and nights

While in Mahattan during my recent 7 days travels, I discovered - at the Aperture Foundation gallery - a delightful little (5x8") book, Office Romance by Kathy Ryan. (see some pictures HERE)

No, it is not a romance novel but rather a collection of 154 iPhone pictures (4x4") which depict the same number of referents as seen by Kathy Ryan her place of work - the New York Times Building in MYC. According to Ryan ...

This began when I saw a bolt of light zigzag across the stairs one afternoon at The New York Times Magazine. I pulled out my iPhone and took a picture of it. Then I started seeing pictures all the time - incredible beauty and poetry in my office. It got my heart racing. When I see a certain kind of light out of the corner of my eye during the workday, or somebody us illuminated in an unsusaul way, I take a few pictures. It's a compulsion. Making pictures has become a call-and-response to the light and the day.

Inasmuch as I am a "call-and-response" (to quotidian referents / experiences) compulsive picture maker and a fan of small / precious pictures / photo books, Ryan's book gave me the idea of creating a small book (6x6" with 4x4" pictures) of my pictures which were made over the course of my recent 7-day travels. A diarist approach to presenting those pictures.

See the pictures.

Fyi, during the 6 day period I was able to add 1 single women, 2 picture windows and 3 art reflects pictures to their respective bodies of work. Although, the art reflects pictures will be the start of a sub-category within the art reflects body of work inasmuch as the manner in which the art is displayed through the gallery windows and the reflected architecture in those windows is decidedly different from that which is depicted in the current collection.