civilized ku # 5238-40 ~ less is more

table top w reflections ~ San Diego , California (embiggenable) • iPhone

moving walkway ~ O'Hare Intl. Airport Chicago, Ill. • (embiggenable) • iPhone

micro brewery car ~ San Diego , California (embiggenable) • iPhone

micro brewery ~ San Diego , California (embiggenable) • iPhone

During my West Coast trip, at various locations, color was a prime picture making instigator.

If I lived in a more colorful environment (big city?), I might be inclined to pursue a body of work based solely upon the idea of color. However, point in fact, I live in a small hamlet in a forest preserve where shades of green and brown are the predominant color palette in both the natural and man-made worlds. The only exception to which is the autumnal blaze of red/yellow/orange.

That written, it's possible, if I were to look more concertedly for isolated tableaux of intense color, I might find find some suitable referents for about color picture making. However, one thing is absolutely certain, I will not stoop to the level of using the saturation slider in picture processing to emphasize, aka; distort, color.

FYI, the pictures in this entry were processed using the saturation slider to de-saturate the out-of-the-camera colors.