civilized ku # 5094 / the new snapshot # 92-95 ~ techno-obession

For the most part I really don't care how a picture was made. I care only about a picture itself. Does it "work" for me or not.

However, a few days ago, I was curious about the iPhone 7 sensor size inasmuch as, whatever size it is, it makes damn good pictures. So, I asked Google the question and it took me to a forum on DPReview on which I found out what size it is (small) and I landed smack dab in the middle of a a very long string of comments, re: the sensor and the phone itself.

The comments revolved around: a) the sensor sucks, b) so do the pictures it makes, c) Apple sucks, d) Apple shoulda ..., e) Apple didn't ... and the like. Of couse, opposing opinions, re: the mentioned, were in no short supply. The string went on and on. Ideas and insults were exchanged in relatively equal measure.

Needless to write, I bailed after a relatively short perusal of the, iMo, inane and senseless nattering.

As I have written and stated on many previous occasions, I will never be able to comprehend the obsession so many picture makers have with the techincal aspects of picture making gear. And, as I have also written and stated, because of that obsession, the worst audience to show one's pictures to are "serious" picture makers. They seem intrinsically unable to look at a picture without gear and technique thoughts dancing in their heads like a swarm of nasty bees.