civilized ku # 5321-24 ~ road trip

hand made baskets and bunnies ~ Amish country outside of Canton, NY (embiggenable) • µ4/3

interior ~ Canton, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

interior / hair ~ Canton, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

Main ST. trafiic ~ Canton, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

Went on a 244 mile round-trip car ride with the wife yesterday. She was giving a presentation at St. Lawrence University and I went along-driving-for companionship.

While she was doing her thing, I idled away the time at The Bagelry, the oldest (but stylish) bagel / sanwich / coffeehouse in St. Lawerence County. While, in a comfortable lounge chair inside the front window, sipping my coffee and munching on my bagel, it came to my attention that there were a few picture making opportunities at hand. So, I made some pictures.

I also made a picture along the roadside in a long stretch-25-30 miles-of highway through the Amish countryside. Could have made quite a few more when shortly thereafter, we encountered a small herd of smiling and waving (to us) Amish children walking along the highway near their school. However, I didn't want to infringe upon their privacy .... some don't mind being pictured, others might strenuously object.

I was tempted-but didn't give in-to make a picture or two of the 3 Amish carriages with moms?/older female siblings? on board waiting to pickup their kids from school. Apparently, there are some suburban mom (the "English") activities that are practiced by the Amish.