civilized ku # 5190-93 (kitchen life) ~ taking the ferry across the lake

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I've been making pictures in the kitchen over past week or so. Other than life in the Adirondacks itself, my kitchen is probably my most fertile place for making pictures - an ever-changing tableau of stuff.

Off to Burlington today for my ablation - scarring the interior walls of my heart with the intention of permanently interupting the electric signals which cause my irregular heart beat (better known as afib).

civilized ku # 5189 / the new snapshot # 218 ~ sight and vision

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I am working on an entry which deals with the idea of the duality of vision. It's a difficult entry to get right.

My intention for the entry is to define for you my vision-as I understand it-and how I "found" it. The hope being that, in the telling, the reader may gleen some insight which can be applied to his/her search for vision.

Stay tuned.

civilized ku # 5187 / ku # 1416 ~ stop, look, listen pt.2

In my last entry I postulated a methodolgy for viewing photographs - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN. That is, STOP (thinking), LOOK (really look), LISTEN (to what the picture has to "say" to you).

With the exception of a single word substitution-replace the word picture with the word referent in the phrase after the word LISTEN and, iMo, you have the formula for making good/great pictures. Although, the sequence of actions for picture making should be amended to LOOK, STOP, LISTEN. Consider ....


Real photography begins when we let go of what we have been told is a good photograph and start photographing what we see. ~ BROOKS JENSEN
Any thing and every thing can be pictured.


A good photograph is knowing where to stand. ~ Ansel Adams
Simple enough, or so it would seem.


To compose a subject well means no more than to see and present it in the strongest manner possible. ~ EDWARD WESTON
Forget the rules of composition and arrange the elements within your framing in the strongest manner possible to illustrate what the referent has said to you.

Civilized ku # 5186 / the new snapshot # 216-17 (diptych) ~ stop, look, listen

hotel mural ~ Bellerica, MA. (embiggenable) • iPhone

tailgating ~ Bellerica, MA. (embiggenable) • iPhone

To my EYE & SENSIBILITIES a good/great picture is one which, first and foremost, is visually interesting / engaging to view. If such a picture conveys a "meaning", personal or universal, for an individual viewer, so much the better. However, both qualities will be judged entirely by a viewer's subjective eye and sensibilities.

It is also my firm belief that the picture should do the "talking". While a simple Artist Statement is a never a bad idea, rambling statements composed of pyscho-self-analytical artspeak mumbo jumbo is never a good idea. iMo, they read like an instruction manual telling the reader what to think about when viewing the picture(s). Whereas, again iMo, I believe the best manner in which to approach the viewing of a picture is with a blank/open mind.

In other words, as the old railroad crossing signs suggested, when viewing a picture, the best approach is to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.