civilized ku #3591-97 (1 picture window + 2 diptych) ~ there and back again

Otsego Lake / Cooperstown, NY ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

Madonna / Dylan ~ Fenimore Art Museum - (embiggenable) • iPhone

McCartney / Gillespie ~ Fenimore Art Museum - (embiggenable) • iPhone

my most colorful lunch ever ~ Cooperstown, NY - (embiggenable) • iPhone

A 3 day getaway to Cooperstown, NY has keep me away for my computer for a while. Next up this weekend is a trip to Middlebury, VT. for a college graduation event. Followed by a 4 day wedding event trip the next weekend to north Jersey. All of these trips are on-demand trips, aka: your presence is requested kinds things.

Cooperstown-the birthplace of baseball-was a "working" trip for the wife to attend a County Attorney Continuing Ed. conference. There was plenty of time for us to enjoy the sights together.

One unexpected pleasure was had at the Fenimore Art Museum where the first ever currated exhibit of Herb Ritts photographs was on view. While I entered the exhibition, Herb Ritts / THE ROCK PORTRAITS, with a bit of skepticism-I was never a serious Ritts fan-the exhibit was a masterly currated collection of drop-dead gorgeous BW portraits of rock music artists. Impressive on many levels, to say the least.

The exhibition is on view until Sept. 2nd. Since there is a exceptionally nice golf course, Leatherstocking Golf Course, on the shore of Otsego Lake-I played it while in Cooperstown-adjacent to the Fenimore Art Museum, I have 2 reasons for a return visit to Cooperstown.

Leatherstocking Golf Course ~ Cooperstown, NY- (embiggenable) • iPhone

ku # 1421 / civilized ku # 5266 / picture windows # 73 / the new snapshot # 249-50 (diptych) ~ small is beautiful

Indian corn ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone Xs Max

hotel window ~ Montreal, CA. - (embiggenable) • iPhone Xs Max

mechanical hardware ~ Montreal, CA. - (embiggenable) • iPhone Xs Max

hotel elevators ~ Montreal, CA. - (embiggenable) • iPhone Xs Max

I am finally at home with no near-future travel commitments and, even better, our home renovations are just a few small details and a few days away from completion. All of which means that I can once again finally start to concentrate on my picture making and blog posts. So, maybe it will be the same as it ever was.

In any event, as I continue down the iPhone picture making path, I have arrived at the realization that, with the new Xs Max sensors, I can quite happily use the iPhone for 90% (+/-) of my picture making. I can do so for primarily 2 reasons:

1. the image file quality is very very good. In most picture making situations it is way more than good enough.

2. 90% of my past picture making has been accomplished with a single prime lens. So, for me, being "limited" to the 2 lenses on the iPhone is no limitation at all. The "normal" (not the Portrait or slight tele) of the 2 lenses suits my vision just dandy. And, to be honest, with the variable DOF capability of the Portait lens, I don't think I will ever again make a portrait with a "real" camera.

That written, I have just come to yet another realization - in all likelyhood, 80-90% of my image processing can be accomplished on my iPad Pro. And, most of that processing can be handled with the Snapseed app. For more involved processing, the Affinity Photo app - which also has the advantage of RAW processing and saving/exporting .PSD files - has capabilities that rival those of Photoshop.

What all of that means is that I can reduce my picture making and workflow to the use of 2 handheld devices - the iPhone and the iPad. True be told, I find that concept rather mind-blowing.

ku # 1420 / rist camp diaries # 22 / picture windows # 72 ~ a little bit extra

fall color ~ Au Sable Forks / Adirondack PARK - (embiggenable) • iPhone

door window ~ Rist Camp / Adirondack PARK - (embiggenable) • iPhone

picture window ~ Rist Camp / Adirondack PARK - (embiggenable) • µ4/3

My stay at Rist Camp has been extended for a few days due to the fact that our house interior renovations have not been completed as expected by the end of our Rist Camp stay. Hopefully we will have our kitchen back within 5 days.

extended caption: fall color - I have been driving by this seemingly dead tree for 20 years. It just won't give up the ghost. And this year, when fall color is both subdued and spotty (note trees in bkgrnd), it seems to be defiantly screaming, color-wise, "I'm still here!"

civilized ku # 5220 ~ I'll need a cooler full of beer (Beau's Lug Tread lagered ale)

this morning ~ embiggenable • µ4/3

Today marks the start of a blisteringly hot week. That written, I and the wife are spending the 4th-7th of July on the West Coast in San Diago.

The upside of the trip is the fact that I rented a Fiat 124 Spider convertible-from a private individual-to tool around in out there. I'll probably have to get one of those hats with an mini umbrella attached in order to keep my brain from frying.

Also, I'll probably make some pictures.

civilized ku # 5194-97 ~ there and back again

Adirondack Mts., across Lake Champlain, from my Vermont hospital window ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

embiggenable • µ4/3

embiggenable • µ4/3

embiggenable • µ4/3

OK. It's been a while since I posted an entry. But, then again, I am a new man since my last entry - successful (so far) scarring of the interior walls of my heart (ablation) and, unexpectedly, my very own pacemaker - after the ablation my heart rate was 40bpm or a beat or 2 one way or the other. So it was deemed advisable to install a pacemaker to obtain and maintain a heart rate of 68-70bpm.

So, here I sit on light duty status for the next 3 weeks waiting for the pacemaker to phyically settle into my body and for the acommpanying incision to heal. FYI, the pacemaker insertion was performed while I was awake ("relaxed" but awake) ... I was able, during the procedure, to ask the surgeon, "Are you cutting me with the thingy that cauterizes the wound at the same time it cuts?" His answer was direct and to the point, "Yes. That's exactly what I am doing."

In any event, on our way home, we took the ferry across Lake Champlain on a very pleasant summer-like day. Which made for a very nice transition from a hospital bed to home.