civilized ku # 3516-20 ~ up a lazy river

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The # 1 "activity" while at Rist Camp, during our annual 5 week stay, is sitting on the front porch. In my case, that means sitting on my Adirondack chair which is placed in the right-front corner of the porch.

Our stay at camp is timed to start the last week in August through the last week in September. That time span allows us to experience the change of season from late summer to early fall. Part of that change, of course, involves witnessing the emerging autumnal color as well as the sometimes dramatic change in the weather.

It could go without writing but I'll write it anyway, I make lots of pictures of the seasonal and weather transitions, at times while sitting on my butt in my Adirondack chair and at other times standing somewhere on the porch. ASIDE: as a backward look throung my Rist Camp entries will atest, I do, in fact, leave the porch and move about the area making pictures. END

This year I undertook the making of a mini body of work of the view from my Adirondack chair to include the corner support of the porch. A few pictures from that series are presented in this entry.

While I like the results, it has ocurred to me that I could do better ... in one of my first entries made while at Rist Camp, I wrote that I would be attempting to make ku (natural world) pictures that "avoid the "standard" ain't-nature-grand-and-glorious picture cliches. My porch corner were a half80%-hearted attempt at that goal.

Why 80%-hearted? That's because, on hindsight, I realize that fell into my "standard" iPhone picture making M.O. of holding the device in the vertical apsect and making a square picture. I believe that, if I had been picturing with a 100%-hearted objective-focused attitude, I would have held the iPhone in a horizontal aspect and made 16:9 aspect ratio pictures. Pictures that would have had a more "traditional"-like natural world / landscape style look and feel and, obviously, included more of the natural world / landscape.

I blame my lazy-ass, rote picture making on the fact that, while my butt was in my Adirondack chair, my picture making head was in the full-on Rist Camp not-a-care-in-the-world, very relaxed, go-with-the-flow state of mind. A state of mind which could aptly described by some lyric's from Hoagy Carmichael's song Lazy Bones:

Lazy bones, loafin' through the day
How you 'spect to make a dime picture that way?
You'll never make a dime picture that way. Never heard a word I say

Oh well, there's always next year, god willing and the creek don't rise (as a friend used to say).