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(embiggenable) • iPhone

I screwed up yesterday when saving my pictures for the web. Resaved them today. You may want to look at them again inasmuch as they have changed significantly.

PS. In today's entry picture (above), I like the way the red apples appear to be floating in space, independent of the apple tree. Don't know if this optic illusion comes across online ....

(embiggenable) • iPhone

candle light ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

I am having second thoughts on the acquisition of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As previously mentioned, the upgrade that interested the most was the addition of the Night Mode feature. Well, as best as I can tell, that feature seems to operate in the same manner as an app, Spectre, that I use for dark situation picture making. That is, it makes multiple exposures in rapid sucession and then blends them together to create a single file, noise / artifact free, detailed, and hogh dynamic range.

The key to makig this possible, in addition to the AI magic, is the camera module image stabilization in the iPhone which, as long as one holds the device reasonably steady, allows the multiple exposures to be blended together in registration with one another. See the above pictures as examples of the results from this process, albeit using the Spectre app, not the new iPhone.

Both pictures were handheld at 1-2 seconds. The candle light picture did reqiure the subject to hold still during the exposure, so it's not an idea tool for capturing people unaware. Nevertheless, the results are impressive.

In any event, it's off to the cell phone store to check on the new iPhone. But, to make matters more complicated, there is also a new iPad which is full-on PS CC capable and the Apple Watch 5 has the ability to monitor and give me notifications, with its EKG feature, of any AFib episodes I might experience.