ku # 4020 / the new snapshot # 138-39 ~ quid est demonstratum

the gloaming / Rist Camp ~ Newcomb, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) µ4/3

interesting house ~ Madrid, NY (embiggenable) iPhone 7s camera module

interesting porch ~ Madrid, NY (embiggenable) iPhone 7s camera module

John Linn wrote:

I am enjoying your "snapshots" but have missed your straight pictures... they just seem more genuine to me.

my response: Knowing that many visit my blog for my straight pictures, I have been including, along with my the new snapshot pictures, at least 1 straight picture in nearly every entry. I do so for that reason but also for the reason that I continue to make straight µ4/3, aka: "real", pictures in addition to my the new snapshot pictures.

That written, I have, beyond any reasonable doubt, been quite obsessed with making pictures with my iPhone and trying to do so within the parameter(s) of the snapshot aesthetic. I am doing so in order to make pictures which will be made into small prints which will fill shoe boxes and/or be placed into picture albums. It is my belief that, after I'm gone, it will be these "snapshot" pictures which will be viewed by family and friends as "genuine" pictures which more accurately tell a story about me and my life than any of my "serious" / "art" pictures.

quid est demonstratum ~ "album" book from Shutterfly / 5.5" prints from Parabo Press