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Jean Arthur mural

stovepipe hat guy with mural

mall wall shrubbery

mason jar and maple tree

mason jar and maple tree

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Yesterday I was out and about running errands and visiting my cardiologist to confirm what my Apple Watch was telling me - that my resting heart beat is 120bpm without an irregular rhythm. Score 1 for the Apple Watch acquisition. And, re: the iPhone 11 Pro Max, camera wise, acquisition ... as is obvious in this entry, I made a number of pictures over past 24 hours. All made with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Surprise #1, I might actually use the new wide angle lens more than I thought I might-see the Jean Arthur pictures. Surprise-ish #2, the "normal" lens can be used with the Portrait Setting-see the picture with the prescription bottle. As I suspected, I do like this new tool. No surprise / to-be-expected ... various tools and features have been rearranged / reconfigured, a minor annoyance but not a big deal. FYI, I still have not experienced the Nite Mode feature.

To be certain, there are 2 changes that, for me, fall into the what were they thinking? category ... #1, why the hell would they locate the lens selection buttons in the camera-view screen's live field of view? Stupid idea, but not something I can't adjust to.

#2, there is a new feature, Photos Capture Outside the Frame. The intent is to "Capture the area outside the frame of the photo to improve composition. If the area around the frame is not used to make corrections, it will be deleted after 30 days." What this feature does is to turn the area on the screen-where all the various camera and adjustment selections are-around the camera-view frame transparent. That allows the stuff outside of the camera-view crop to be dimmed but visible. Visible enough to be somewhat distracting.

Even though I have that feature turned off in the camera preferences, that area is still transparent. I was hoping that turning it off would return the surrounding area to black but, alas, it does not. Which leads me to ask, "What the hell were they thinking?"

This feature's screen transparency idiosyncracy and the lens selection buttons' placement within the camera-view frame cause me to wonder if they-the designers / developers at Apple-ever consult with actual picture makers. I assume they do-which may make an ass of u and me-but what picture making idiot would ask for what amount to distractions surrounding or in the camera screen's field of view?

That written, I have already "trained" my eye to not see / ignore those distractions.

So, my initial opinion, to date, is that I have no regrets or significant disappointments with my acquisition of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. On the picture making front, it continues to evolve into a very good picture making device.