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Lollipop Motel ~ Wildwood, SouthJersey Shore (embiggenable) • iPhone

Lollipop Motel v. The New Snapshot ~ Wildwood, SouthJersey Shore (embiggenable) • iPhone

WIldwood, NJ has pretty much always been a Honky Tonk town with life and business centered around the boardwalk. Wildwoods' Boardwalk features 38 blocks (2 miles) packed end-to-end with stores, shops, water parks, eateries, live entertainment and amusement piers with over 100 rides and attractions.

Over the years the town / boardwalk has gone through at least a couple up-and-down turns. Currently, it is in a resurgence. Lots of new housing and most of the business properties have, at the very least, a fresh coat of paint. And, I am elighted to report, virtually all of what now must considered Vintage Sign ART has been preserved and refinished.

I made a number of pictures today but tomorrow I am planning to head back at twilight in order to picture the full-on neon display.