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Tyler, (the Profligatographer) wrote (in part):
My goodness. For someone who believes that images require no words (and I agree), you certainly use a lot of them. Plus you print them in smaller, san-serif typeface—in gray, no less—making reading far less pleasurable. So, I've stopped reading what you are writing and only look at the images.

Re: typeface - unfortunately, Squarespace does not have-I wish they did-an easy to use drop-down menu for typeface or type size selection (although the typeface is presented in black). I can add html code-albeit to each and every entry I make (time consuming)-to use a serif typeface. However, that code is not recognized in html 5 which may create a problem for some users. So, I am sticking to what works for most users.

Re: use a lot of words - it's no coincidence that in my talk radio days I was known as "Blovius". That aside, Currently this blog is averaging 1,250 unique visitors and 3,600 pages views a month. I have no idea whether visitors are just looking at pictures, reading the words or both. Be that as it may, yours is the first mention about readability (typeface wise).

Should you decide to read any the words on this blog, most browers will allow the user to enlarge what is displayed-words and pictures-in the browser window.

In my next entry, I'll have a response to part II of your comment:

If you are willing to accept the output of telephone cameras, if it's good enough for you, so be it—for you. But at the other end, do you view your work and those of others in the same way? According to you, you seem to prefer (by far) to view prints on the wall, or in books. Where does that leave us, I wonder.