diptych # 216 / civilized ku # 5039 ~ dreaming it / living it

hotel dreaming it / rink living it ~ Amherst, NY (embiggenable)

New York State U12 Champion ~ Amherst, NY (embiggenable)

Been away with Hugo, his dad and the wife for 4 days in Amherst, NY to attend the New York State U(under)12 Championships tournament which, we are happy to report, Hugo and teammates won. The event was both fun and stressful - 1 must-win game to make it out of our bracket pool round, 1 overtime win in the semifinals and the big win in double overtime in the championship game.

The win in the semifinal game was especially sweet inasmuch as we beat Hugo's hometown team (Hugo plays for a team located an hour away). The hometown team, which desperately wanted to beat Hugo, was loaded with his classmates and good friends. With the win, Hugo is having a much better day in school today than he would otherwise have had.