single women # 36 / the new snapshot # 155-56 ~ the impossible project

waitress ~ East Village, NYC (embiggenable) µ4/3

ornament ~ East Village, NYC (embiggenable) iPhone

60 degrees~ East Village, NYC (embiggenable) iPhone

Here's the thing about the free prints deal ...

... I can't help feeling that this deal is too good to be true. Except, it obviously is true at this point in time. My worry is that it will cease to be before I can get, say, a billion of my pictures printed.

Seriously though, I currently have approximately 8,000 finished pictures-processed, edited and saved-in my FINALS folder. Only about 25% have been seen on my blogs (the original blogspot blog, the Landscapist blog and the current Lifesquared blog). And it's just a guess but I would estimate that about 800-900 of my pictures have been printed - that number includes those pictures printed in books.

FYI, on this blog / site there are 33 sperate bodies of work on the HOME (aka WORK) page. Contained in those bodies of work are approximately 400-500 pictures. If I were to print only those pictures (a very dubious proposition), I would need to send off approximately 20 groups of 25 images each which requires a whole lot of prep work - each file needs to be re-sampled to the right file size and saved as a jpeg.

The long and short of it is simple. I will be spending a lot of time organizing, prepping and uploading picture files to PARABO.