what the camera sees (overexposure) # 7 ~ + plus a couple additions


apples and hose

lawn and sidewalk

As I continue to make what the camera sees (overexposure) pictures, I continue to wonder if I am on to something or trying something different just for the hell of it. And as I continue to experiment I am coming to the conclusion that I am creating 2 related but, in fact, different bodies of work.

The first body of work is, as the title of this (and previous) entries suggests, what the camera sees (overexposure). However, in addition to that nomenclature, what is also emerging is a separate body of work which could be titled, what the camera sees (out of focus) - see yesterday's birch tree picture and the apples and hose picture in today's entry.

And then, just to put another pot on the stove, there is my continuing fascination with what could be titled what the camera sees (blown highlights).

In any event, I'll continue putter around and picture away just to see where it all leads.