ku # 1410-12 ~ coolness in their rustling summer shadows

Scotland ~ (embiggenable)

New Hampshire , USA ~ (embiggenable)

Adirondack PARK, NY   ~ (embiggenable)

Adirondack PARK, NY ~ (embiggenable)

Just created a new body of work, TREES (on my WORK front page). What follows here is the Artist Statement from my book, in celebration of TREES

Trees. They are made manifest in a seemingly endless variety of species, shapes and sizes. Trees are affixed with an equally bewildering array of adornments capable of seasonal color mutations which delight the human eye and fuel many autumnal economies.

Trees house us, furnish our abodes, feed us, and give us crackling warmth in the cold and coolness in their rustling summer shadows. They help clean the air we all breathe. And, when clustered in forests, trees provide rich Gan ʿEḏen environments which foster and shelter many of the earth’s wildlife species and plants.

In short, trees are a precious resource to all of the planet’s living things. And, despite their wealth of benefits, I find trees at their most grand and glorious as I encounter them in their natural setting where, quite simply, they are just being trees.

Joyce Kilmer wrote that only god can make a tree. Theology aside, it is well worth noting that only humankind can kill trees more effectively than Ash Borers and their ilk.