the new snaphot # 72-78 ~ a big scare

After checking into our hotel in Marlboro, MA, we discovered that there was a problem with the login for the hotel wifi. Try as we might, we had no sucess.

As it turned out, after consultation with the hotel staff, the only solution was to move to another room which was closer to their router. In the ensuing clusterf**k of moving all our stuff, my camera bag was left behind in the first room. That was a fact I did not notice until we were packing up to leave.

It immediately dawned on me what had happened. The hotel manager came and opened the first room where upon it was discovered that the cmera bag was not there. Knowing that the bag had never left the hotel during our stay, theft was the only possibilty inasmuch as the room was not used after our departure from it because of the wifi issue.

What followed was an incident report to the hotel corporate headquarters and a police theft report after which we left the hotel and went to the hockey rink for Hugo's last game. After the game we got in the car and headed home.

During the early part of the drive, I received a phone call from the hotel manager who informed me that might camera bag had been found. According to her story, there had been a mis-communication between her and the assistant manager who had discovered the bag in our first room, brought it to the front desk and placed in a spot other than the lost-and-found.

Coincidence (or not), the bag was discovered after the police had visited the hotel to ask some questions and take some names.

Nevertheless, what ever the true story (which very well may be the one conveyed to me by the hotel manager), the camera bag is on its way to me via UPS and should be in my possession by this time tomorrow ... happy, happy.