civilized ku # 4058 ~ a self portrait

the wife and I ~ Lake Placid, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (click to embiggen)

No Words. And there might not be many words for the next week or so as I work my way throught the 5 stages of grief (election results wise).

I skipped right over stages 1-3 - 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining - inasmuch as I wasn't in denial because I recognized forces at work that were definitely working for the Trump bandwagon; and, why be angry regarding water on the bridge / over the dam; and who or what is there to bargain with?

While it is not accurate to write that I was depressed (#4 Depression), it's fair to write that I retreated to / withdrew into a quiet place (in my head) in order to get my bearings. A place in which I am still residing. Consequently, my head is not into pondering the how and why of picture making at this time.

Regarding stage #5 - Acceptance - it should be somewhat obvious to write that since I was never in denial, I had accepted the result as soon as it was determined that the Trump bandwagen was moving to the head of the parade.

Fortunately, I have a 3 day hockey weekend to look forward. I am certain that, at the end of that weekend activity, I will be in a tip-top frame of mind.