civilized ku # 4071-72 ~ remnants

door ~ Alexandria Bat, NY • (click to embiggen)

utility meter ~ Alexandria Bay, NY • (click to embiggen)

So it begins - Turkey Day through the New Year and my tis-the-season time begins with a 7-day 1400+ mile odyssey ...

... On Thursday, home to North Jersey for Turkey Day eats. Then on Friday (without the wife), North Jersey to Rochester, NY for Hugo's hockey tournament. Sunday is the return trip to North Jersey to hook up with the wife and, on Monday, move on to NYC where she has a conference through Thursday. At which point we return home.

Looking forward to all of it, including the opportunity to visit lots of photo galleries / exhibits in NYC. Haven't been able to do so in quite a while.

Will be picturing and posting throughout the trip and, if anyone along my routes is interested in hooking up, just let know and we can try to make it happen.