conversations # 1-4 / the new snapshot #112 ~ photo conversations

Hobson / Nilsson

Nilsson / Hobson

M. Hobson / A. Hobson

M. Hobson / A. Hobson

Rist camp daze ~ Newcomb, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable)

As previously mentioned, I have been involved in creating photo conversations for submission to a LENSCRATCH online exhibition. The idea for the exhibition is for a picture maker to partner with another picture maker and connect one of your images with another photographer’s image that begins a story.

I reached out to 2 picture makers .... one whose work with which I am well acquainted - my son, The Cinemascapist - and another with whose work I am familar (by visiting his blog) but have never communicated with - Peter Nilsson.

The results are presented in this entry. Although, the 4 which are presented here (submitted to the exhibition) - 2 from each collaboration - were culled from 12 "conversations" which were created in the course of our "conversations". My intention is to present all 12 "conversations" in the coming days.

The exercise was both challenging and fun. So much so that I am giving very serious consideration to starting a photo conversations blog.