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An addendum to yesterday's entry ...

As written in yesterday's entry, I have little or no passion for the things of which I make pictures (with the exception of the people in my life). Consequently, my pictures are rarely about that which is depicted. To my eye and sensibilities, my picture making is an exercise in design, re: the intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action or material object.

That written, I am, at times, amazed by the number of viewers of my pictures who "get it", design-wise. Especially so, those viewers who are not photographers / artists or who, in any manner, would be considered to Art Aficionadi. However, it is those viewers who give my pictures/me the highest compliment, which is most often uttered in 2 parts:

part 1: "Why did you take a picture of that?"
part 2: "I don't know why but I like it."

AN ASIDE: FYI, I rarely attempt to explain why it is that they like it. I don't want them to "over think" but rather let them go with the feeling the picture incites. END ASIDE

That written, I will attempt to explain it to you ... iMo and experience, I believe such viewers "get it", not in a consciously aware sense but rather in a subliminal sense, aka: perceived by or affecting someone's mind without their being aware of it. Or, in other words, they find a picture to be pleasing or interesting but they are unable to reconcile those reactions with what they are seeing.

I consider such a reaction to be the highest compliment inasmuch as it says to me that my picture making M.O. is working.

On the other hand, one of favorite compliments (although, not expressed as such) was on the occasion of showing my portfolio to a gallery director. About half way through my work, he asked, "Are you a graphic designer?" Obviously, he "got it" on a conscious level.