civilized ku # 5145 / diptych # 222 (the new snapshot # 199-200) ~ ugh

mantle ~ Pittsburgh, PA (embiggenable) • iPhone

same sculpture / 2 views ~ Natl Gallery of Canada - Ottawa, CA (embiggenable) • iPhone

I'm wallowing / caught in a mid-winter picture making doldrum. An endless succession of overcast days combined with an increasingly typical weather cycle of snow, then rain, then ice make for less than aesthetically inspiring picture making conditions.

So, I'm spending time catching up on some picture printing and continuing work on creating pictures for my Adirondack Snapshot Project). That work requires sorting through thousands of my pictures of Adirondack scenes / events / people / places / et al in order to identify somewhere between 200-300 pictures which will then be converted to my the new snapshot format / presentation style. The work is both enjoyable and tedious.