Civilized ku # 3618 ~ don’t make promises you can’t keep

entrance to hockey locker rooms ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

A few weeks back, after returning home from almost 2 months of a number of trips, the wife and I were happy that we wouldn’t be traveling again for at least a month. In fact we promised yourselves something to that effect.

That hasn’t worked out. After an unscheduled trip to NYC last weekend for a Kinderschule graduation and helping my best friend move (to my Adirondack neighborhood), this weekend I find myself just outside of Boston with my grandson Hugo for an unscheduled hockey tournament.

I woke up Wednesday morning to find an last minute email request for Hugo to play for Team New England, a team he has planned for in the past. The request was fortuitous inasmuch as he really needed a “warm up” tournament to get his hockey legs back for his participation on Team Pittsburgh in the Hockey Night in Boston showcase tournament / event (2 weeks from now). That event is scout intensive - scouts and coaches from Junior, prep school and collage teams will be in attendance.

Next weekend, in between this weekend and the next tournament, I have to travel to the central Adirondacks to mount my solo exhibition pictures and give a talk at the opening reception. And it doesn’t stop there, there is still more way from home travel to come.