civilized ku # 3598-3601 ~ feeling it again

scale / cheese making place ~ Plymouth Notch, Vt. (embiggenable) • iPhone

sunglasses ~ Middlebury, Vt. (embiggenable) • iPhone

President’s tombstone ~ Plymouth Notch, Vt. (embiggenable) • iPhone

President’s tombstone ~ Plymouth Notch, Vt. (embiggenable) • iPhone

As mentioned, I am on a short (time and distance) visit-just across Lake Champlain-for college graduation event. While here, I am trying desparately to shed my recent travel picture making M.O., aka: I was here, this is what I saw.

While it is certaily accurate to write that all of my pictures are made of seen referents, most of my travel work feels more documentary-like than my "normal" picturing attention to line / shape / form / color / tonal relationships. Of course, when making pictures on my travels, I am concerned with making pictures that do, in fact, illustrate a sense of place and detail of the place(s) I am visiting. Such pictures-presented chronologically-will always end up in a photo book which is intended to tell a story of those travels.

In any event, I feel as though I am getting back into my "normal" picture making groove.