civilized ku # 5284 / ku # 1424 ~ from bad to worst

rain ~ Troy, NY (embiggenable) • iPhone

the Cascades ~ near Lake Placid (embiggenable) • iPhone - picture by the Cinemascapist

This past Weekend Hugo's (my grandson) hockey season started in earnest with 2 games in Troy, NY - approximately 130 miles south of home.

While there, we were treated to a non-stop driving rain. During our drive home, at about the 60 mile point, that rain turned to sleet / freezing rain and, shortly thereafter, turned to heavy wet snow. The sleet / freezing rain put down a glaze of ice on the roadway as a kinda based-coat for the snow.

As is often the case with the first heavy snowfall of the season, road crews were rather slow to get out and plow. The result was, especially on the interstate, cars were scattered off the highway like bowling pins. Off the highway, it was no different except that there was enough snow covering the ice to provide some traction. Unfortunately for some, they did not realize that slow and steady was the driving order of the day.