civilized ku # 5120 / testing ~ RAW files from an iPhone

my Adirondack chair ~ in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • iPhone

made from RAW files, shot and processed on the iPhone

I am trying to walk a fine line between keeping it simple, re: the new snapshot iPhone picturing, and making it more complex - hence, less snapshotish. However, I am also pursuingthe idea of getting max quality out of iPhone picture files.

That pursuit has led me to shooting RAW format with the iPhone. Yes, you read it right, I am shooting RAW with the iPhone. Thanks to an app, Musecam, which takes over the iPhone camera allowing it to record RAW files. The files must be processed using the Musecam app although Snapseed has RAW processing as well.

The diptych above illustrates a few first attempts with RAW processing on the iPhone. The pictures were not made under ideal circumstances, light wise, but they demonstrate some interesting results.

More on this subject as my experimentation continues.