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New Year's Eve snow storm ~ Gatineau, Quebec, CA (click to embiggen)

New Year's AM / Hotel V ~ Gatineau, Quebec, CA (click to embiggen)

Ice Arena bar (iPhone picture) ~ Ottawa, Ontario, CA (click to embiggen)

Our hockey tournament stay in Ottawa was extended by an extra day due to the effects of an Alberta Clipper. Driving home 6:30pm in a heavy snow storm didn't really seem like the thing to do.

So, the wife found a pretty cool / hip / trendy hotel - Hotel V - in Gatineau, Quebec for us to wile (or if you prefer, while) away the hours 'til the New Year. On the way to the hotel we stopped at an LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Canada) store to pick up a bottle of bubbly and shortly after our arrival at the hotel we went out for a quick bite to eat. It was a very relaxing end to a successful hockey tournament.

FYI, one of the very good things about any hockey tournamant in Canada is the Canadian commitment to having very nice bars - with good bar food - in almost all ice arena / hockey rinks. The facilities are a warm comfortable place to hang out while waiting for a game to start - most teams must arrive at a rink 1 hour before game time.