Civilized ku # 3632-33 ~ day to day

All pictures made near Boston, Mass. (embiggenable) • iPhone

While I thought time would drag during this hockey showcase event-only 1 game a day-in fact there have been a number of activities such as college tours which have made time fly. Consequently, I haven't had an opportunity to post. That and the fact that I haven't experienced much which has pricked my eye and sensibilities.

Nevertheless, there have been a few life-in-a-residence-suite with 2 teenage hockey players which have caught my eye. nothing grand and glorious, just everday moments.

FYI, one of the pluses of being near the border of New Hampshire is access to interstate highway rest stop liquor stores. The stores are huge with a great selection of bourbon and single malt scotch and the prices are a good bit below where I live.