still life # 5 (made) + 4 different still life modus Operandi ~ variety is the spice of life

still life (click to embiggen)

still lifes / made ~ (click to embiggen)

Re: upcoming submissions to the juried exhibition, Still Life: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary.

After rooting around in my picture library -7363 pictures and counting - I have decided to submit 5 still life pictures, created with different visual signatures, rather than making 4 new sweepings pictures and submitting them as a body of work. The premise for 5 visually different pictures is, why put all my eggs in one picture basket?

FYI, re: the squares / squared image - (top left) still life with dramatic light and shadow halo effect, (top right) classic still life on white with soft light, (bottom left) still life from my series of flowers scanned on my flatbed scanner - no camera involved, (bottom right) a "found" still life albeit slighty arranged to suit my eye and sensibilities.