civilized ku # 5309 (kitchen life) / diptych # 239 ~ duality

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I have often descibed my picture making as an act of picturing the quotidian or what others might label as everyday or commonplace things / events / places. In doing so, I am especially fascinated by "life" of things which, either by nature or the hand of humankind (consciously or unthinking), have evinced a fleeting-my idea of a decisive moment-evidence of an artful arrangement.

Some of those things may be considered to be pleasing / beautiful in and of itself while others may incite a reaction of unpleasantness or even disgust. In either case, those things, when pictured in the appropriate manner and presented on the 2D plane of a print, are capable of evincing interesting / visually pleasing arrangements of shapes, lines, tones and colors which are independent of the depicted referents (things).

My intent in making such pictures is to create beautiful prints. That is, a print as an object of beauty no matter the actuality of the thing(s) depicted.

There was a time when I believed I was making pictures of the beauty to be found in commonplace things when, in fact, I have since come to realize that I am making decisive moment pictures which depict fortuitous events (arrangements) in the life of things. To my eye and sensibilities, the resultant printed pictures are transformative inasmuch as the things depicted when viewed for their inherent visual qualities, that is as carriers / conveyors of visual data (line, shape, tone, color), are transformed into / become "mere" visual vehicles-their commonly accepted identity is sublimated-in the service of the creation of a beautiful object.