civilized ku # 5082-83 / the new snapshot # 66-69 ~ a quandary

As I continue to fool around, re: the new snapshot, I finding myself to be more than a bit perplexed.

The issue with which I am struggling is rather paramount to my continuing quest in the making of the new snapshot pictures - re: what am I attempting to say? A question which is diametrically opposed to the question of what visuals / referents are appropriate to facilitating what I am attempting to say?

I am starting to think that I am co-opting my regular ku-type vernacular and applying it to my emergent the new snapshot vernacular. That is, both the visual referents and my rather "formal" manner of making ku-type pictures is antithetical to what I am attempting to accomplish/ say with my the new snapshot work.

To wit, while objects / things are certainly fair game for snapshot pictures, they tend to be a small fraction of all snapshot pictures. Whereas my ku-type picture, most notably my civilized ku, are primarily pictures of objects / things. Conversely, most snapshot pictures feature people rather than objects / things. Whereas my ku-type pictures rarely feature people (single women) excepted. And, just as relevant, authentic snapshots rarely exhibit any "formal" pictue making qualities.

All of that written, I believe that I need to spend lots of time looking at the ubiquitous crappy pictures as typically seen on Facebook if I am to successful in creating something worth pursuing with my the new snapshot pictures.

FYI, more anon, re: the question of what I am attempting to say with my the new snapshot pictures. And, once again, all of the pictures in this entry were made with the iPhone 7 Plus camera module.