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(embiggenable) • µ4/3

Last year I had an exhibit of my pictures, Photographs in Conversion. Each print was a diptych with pictures which were intended to "speak" to each other. Each diptych was comprised of 1 of my pictures with another one made by someone else.

I worked with 10 other picture makers from around the world. I would send them a picture and they would respond with one of their's which related to / spoke to my picture. In some case, they sent one of their pictures to me and I responded in kind.

The exhbit was interactive inasmuch as, in addition to the exhibit prints, I supplied a box full of 5x5 inch prints and 2 photo ropes in order for viewers to make their own photos in conversation sets. All in all, it was a fun endevour, both in the making and the interaction.

Anyone out there interested in a second attempt? If so, send me an email and I'l get back to you.

FYI, clicking on conversations in the categories link at the bottom left of this entry will take you to more photographs in conversation.

civilized ku # 5261 / diptych # 233 (the new snapshot) ~ photographs in conversation

Wildwood boardwalk ~ Wildwood, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

chairs and water ~ Stone Harbor, NJ (embiggenable) • iPhone

diptychcahairswater is an addition to my photographs in conversation work. Click on conversations in the categories list below to see the rest of the pictures from the exhibition of the same name.

Whie this conversation is one in which I conversed with myself, the exhibition pictures were colaborations with other picture makers. That is, I sent pictures ( 1 each) to other collaborators who responded with a picture which created a conversation between the 2 pictures. It was a fun project. One which I would like to continue with again.

Anyone interested?

photographs in conversation - the complete exhibition set

The work is complete and and all the prints are out for mounting. FYI, all prints are 36" wide.

In addition to these pictures/prints, there will be an interactive component to the exhibit - on one wall there will be 2 Parabo Press magnetic photo ropes - see below - accompanied by a bin of assorted loose 5.5"x5.5" prints (free prints from Parabo Press) with which patrons can make their own PHOTOGRAPHS IN CONVERSATION pairings.

Should be fun. Anyone in the neighborhood of North Creek, NY is invited to attend the opening which is next Friday (Dec. 15) from 5-7PM. The exhibit with hang until the end of January.

photo rope with assorted pictures attached (not PHOTOGRAPHS IN CONVERSATION pairings)

cvilized ku # 5123 / photographs in conversation # 10 ~ a jolly good time

iPhone workshop ~ in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) • iPhone

photographs in conversation ~ (embiggenable) • iPhone

It is difficult to express the satisfaction and joy I experienced during my recent Joy Of Photography iPhone workshop. Those feelings were incited by the interest and excitement shown by the participants who seemed to feel that they had entered a new world of iPhone picture making opportunities. To write that the workshop was a resounding success for all concerned would be a grand understatement. Looking forward to the next session.

FYI, the prep for my Photographs In Conversation exhibition continues. There is still time if anyone out there would like to participate.

civilized ku # 5104 / photo conversations #5-6 ~ an invitation for some fun

shadows and lines ~ Au Sable Forks, NY - in the Adirondack PARK (embiggenable) µ4/3

photo conversation with Anna # 1

photo conversation with Anna # 2

I am postponing, until tommorrow, my intention to write about my "serious" intentions, re: the new snapshot pictures, in today's entry. Instead, I am extending an invitation for you to participate in a photo conversation with me.

I am having a photos in conversation exhibit this coming December for which I need to engage in some more "conversations" with other picture makers in order to create 7-8 conversation pictures for the exhibit. If anyone would like to paricipate, the concept is simple one ...

1) I send you a picture or vice-versa in order to start a conversation - I would suggest that I start one conversation, the participant starts another.
2) the person receiving the conversation-starter picture responds with a picture to advance the conversation.
3) the response picture may be motivated by any consideration-intellectual, emotional, visual-incited by the conversation-starter picture.
4) this is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers, only answers.

For the exhibit, both conversationalists will be credited as authors of the conversation. The conversations will also be exibited on this blog.

I hope to hear from many of you. Let's have some fun.

FYI, the conversations in this entry are made from iPhone pictures. However, participants may send pictures made with any camera or camera-like device they chose.